Deep Breaths

Picture of a beach with "Time to relax" written in the sand as the surf comes in.

It’s the weekend before the first day of school. It’s time to face facts: You’ve done all you can to prepare for the months ahead.

As you look back on the summer, savor a sense of pride: Your team achieved a level of production, of accomplishment, that was extraordinary. Through this hard work, you made your school better, through major projects or in ways that few will ever notice: the refreshed photos in the hallways, the cleaned-up directory, the newly completed school style guide.

A few things are still on your summer to-do list? Isn’t that always the case? Just set that list aside until next June. You won’t need it until then. Better, why not crumple up that list and throw it away, accepting the reality that the time wasn’t ripe, the need not pressing enough, to complete those projects. Maybe they’ll pop up again this year. Maybe they won’t.

You’ve done enough. Own that. Believe that. And feel good about it.

Soon you’ll harvest the results of groundwork you laid for the fall. Not only will you end up with smarter, better work, but you’ll also benefit in your off hours from greater peace of mind, knowing that you’re ahead of the game.

It’s the weekend before the first day of school. Breathe deep. Go play. Read a novel. Take lots of naps.

You will have no better time this year to completely unplug. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

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